Organization of events

Consulting and conducting of symposiums, seminars, congresses for private and state institutions, industrial associations and chambers.
Consulting and conducting of meetings on promoting the products in order to stimulate the activities of private institutions.
Consulting and conducting of festivals, opening and ground breaking ceremonies, national days of countries, organization of championships and tournaments.
Fair Participant/Visitor Application Form
TITE 2018
11. Tehran International Tourism Fair
January 23-26,2018 | Iran/TEHRAN
Expo Rail
Railroad equipmans, systems and services fair
05-07 Apr 2016, Moscow / Russia
International Constraction Machines and Products Fair
11-17 Apr 2016, Munich / Germany
International Electricty and Electronic Fair
2-7 Sep 2016, Berlin / Germany
13-17 Sep 2016, Berlin / Germany
International railroad technologies, systems and products fair
20-13 Sep 2016, Berlin / Germany
Manisa Industrial Park
Leading companies of white goods supliers
24-29 April 2016 Hanovver Messe, Hannover/GERMANY
IHTIB Underwear Sectoral Trade Delegation
The industry's leading sectoral companies
19-22 Dec 2015 Espinas Hotel, Tahran / IRAN
Furniture Manufacturers Sectoral Trade Mission
The industry's leading manufacturers of furniture and accessory
22-26 Nov 2015 Moscow / RUSSIA
Textile and Raw Materials Sectoral Trade Mission
The industry's leading manufacturers of fabric yarn clothing and accesories
02-05 Oct 2015 Espinas Hotel, Tahran / IRAN